Aladdin Lamp 23

Posted on August 29, 2014

Finding the exact Aladdin Lamp 23 can be an very difficult task and even more so at the right price. Below are some listings that we found on eBay and Amazon to help you get that best price out there, These sites are two of the most trusted resources on the web for finding Aladdin Lamp 23.

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Comments about Aladdin Lamp 23 around the Web

Vicente Manville wrote:

Recently my daughter bought my Aladdin 23 Shelf Lamp Heelless Chimney Fox Hunt Shade Complete Burner b43 on eBay.
Lucile wrote:
Got my ALADDIN brand wick alladin oil lamp model 23-23a N230 model 23e69 NEW weeks ago and am totally pleased the quality.
Daniel wrote:
Got my Vintag BROWN Designer MARBLE Glaze Porcelain ALADDIN Oil Lamp COMPLETE 23 Burner months ago and am totally pleased with it.
Yetta wrote:
Got my Aladdin Lamp #23 Clear shelf hours ago and am really happy that I got it.
Dollie Tagle wrote:
Recently my wife bought my Aladdin Lamp #23 Amber at a yard sale.
David wrote:
Last week my son-in-law picked up my Vintage Lincoln Drape Crystal Glass ALADDIN Oil Lamp Complete 23 Brass Burner at a yard sale.
Martha wrote:
Got my New Aladdin Lamps Solid Brass Flame Spreader For Models 12-23 N106 hours ago and am really happy with it.
Laronda Tippit wrote:
Got my VTG Anitque Brass Aladdin Oil Lamp Lantern Model 23 years ago and am really happy the quality.
Zofia Vickery wrote:
Recently my kids bought my Vintage Aladdin Oil Lamp # 23 Aluminum With Brass Burner & No Chimney USA Made! at a yard sale.
Marya wrote:
Got my Vintage Antique Aladdin Caboose Kerosene Lamp No 23 Burner with Chimney months ago and am really happy with it.
Leola Rodda wrote:
Recently my daughter picked up my Vintage Aladdin #23 Oil Lamp Daisy/Wheat Lox-On Chimney Font Burner ALL ORIGINAL on Amazon.
Elwood wrote:
Recently my son found my New Nickel Aladdin Lamp Company Outer Wick Tube For Models 23 & 23A Burners at a yard sale.
James wrote:
Just last week I bought my New Aladdin Lamp Company Solid Brass Electric Burner Fits A,B,C,21,21C,23 on eBay.
Nathan wrote:
Got my Aladdin Lamp Wick for Kerosene Lamp Models 23 & 23A, 23E60 Fridge Burners years ago and am really happy that I got it.
Dean wrote:
Got my h135 Amber Aladdin Lincon Drape Oil Lamp Model 23 months ago and am really happy with the price.
Shantae Vanzile wrote:
Today I found my NOS Aladdin Mantle Lamp Company 23 Burner Brass Never used. Fits B model lamps on eBay.
Aldo wrote:
Last week I bought my Choice Gallery Lox-on or Heeless Aladdin Lamp Mantle Brass Model 23 burner at a yard sale.
Kasie wrote:
Just yesterday my kids picked up my Aladdin brass Lamp kerosene oil # 23 loxon mantle flame decorative collectible on eBay.
Hannah Leiker wrote:
Recently I found my Aladdin Brass Model 23 Burner Table Oil Kerosene Lamp Choice of 9 Shades Or None at a yard sale.
Brian wrote:
Got my 2 Vintage Aladdin Lamp Wicks Model 23 Burner New In Box weeks ago and am really happy the purchase.
Elinor Oshiro wrote:
Just last week I picked up my LAMP & HEATER WICKS for Aladdin at a yard sale.
Gloria wrote:
Today I picked up my Disney BUTTON Abu Rubbing Genie's Lamp Aladdin Wish Granted D23 # 68776 on Amazon.
Kelvin wrote:
Recently I picked up my ALADDIN #23 OUTER WICK TUBE oil lamp BRASS at a yard sale.
Hilma wrote:
Today I found my Aladdin #23 Glass Shelf Lamp at garage sale.

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